5 Effective Ways to Deal with Large Pores (Hint: It Starts with Home Care)

5 Effective Ways to Deal with Large Pores (Hint: It Starts with Home Care)

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Home care - how to prevent large pores

A thorough care routine is very important to prevent pores from expanding in the first place.

This includes daily cleaning of the face in the morning and in the evening. If the skin already tends to have enlarged pores and an overproduction of sebum, then a cleansing with a low fruit acid content is recommended.

Enzyme peelings are also recommended up to three times a week. These ensure dead skin cells are removed and thus cannot clog the pores.

When it comes to home care, you should use products that are tailored to your own skin type. For large pores, products containing fruit acid or dermatocosmetics individually tailored to the skin type are particularly suitable –they have great effect thanks to the high concentration of active ingredients.

Dermatocosmetic products have many names. They are often referred to as cosmeceuticals, dermaceuticals or pharmaceuticals. These special products contain active pharmaceutical ingredients in concentrations similar to those of medicines and thus fall somewhere between cosmetics and medicines.

They contain the highest permissible amount of pharmaceutical or scientifically developed active ingredients in order to still pass as cosmetics and not have to be available as a drug by prescription in the pharmacy. The products have a correspondingly high effective potential and are more strictly controlled before they are available on the market than conventional cosmetic products.

Although dermatocosmetics work with the help of scientific research, the products are not legally considered medicinal products. And that is exactly what is problematic for the manufacturers: According to EU law, cosmetics may only have a superficial effect and may not cause any changes to the skin.

 However, cosmeceuticals penetrate deeper into the skin than conventional care products and can therefore also influence its structure.

Many of the manufacturers have a special sales structure and are only available in pharmacies and from selected doctors or cosmetic institutes. This has the advantage, among other things, that the products can be individually tailored to the skin type and the most diverse skin problems by a skin expert.

Professional Treatments for Large Pores

HydraFacial – the Mercedes among facial treatments with machines HydraFacial is not a very popular treatment for stars, influencers and VIPs for nothing, because it gives the skin a special glow and a fresher appearance after just one treatment.

This is done in three treatment steps.

In the first step, dead cells on the skin’s surface are removed. A subsequent, gentle acid peeling helps to soften deposits in the pores and prepares the deep cleansing. In the second step, a vacuum is created using a special attachment, which literally sucks out impurities and loosened sebum deposits from the pore structure. Now the skin is clean down to the pores and particularly receptive to active ingredients. Therefore, in the third step, moisturizing serums (hydration) tailored to the skin type, with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals or hyaluronic acid are introduced to promote regeneration and tightening.

Finally, a rain LED-light therapy in addition to skin renewal and elimination of skin damage. By the way, this treatment is suitable for all skin types and not only helps with large pores, but also with hyperpigmentation, sun damage, oily and congested skin, acne and the first signs of skin aging.

Fruit acid peeling – gentle skin removal, radiant finish A regular fruit acid peeling by a trained beautician, ideally in combination with additional home care, refines the complexion step by step and allows large pores to disappear. The fruit acid specifically “injures” parts of the epidermis (upper skin), so that they are stimulated to regenerate the skin. That sounds worse than it is because this form of injury is not visible to outsiders. The invisible healing process regenerates and rejuvenates the skin. In addition, the fruit acid peeling makes the skin more receptive to caring active ingredients.

During the two to three minute treatment during which the fruit acid remains on the skin, the skin may burn, but this feeling quickly subsides. Unfortunately, very sensitive skin can also lead to slight reddening of the skin and temporary pustule formation. Depending on the substance used, there will be a noticeable but not visible desquamation from the third or fourth day after the superficial peeling. Especially with skin prone to impurities, the complexion can also deteriorate at first. However, this should be interpreted as a good sign, since the treatment is having an effect. It takes seven to ten days for skin tissue to heal and regenerate after a superficial peel. Then the first effect becomes apparent: the skin is smoother and clearer.

The number of peels depends on the type of skin or the concentration of the substance. If the skin is only slightly irritated, the maximum concentration of fruit acid can be quickly increased.

Woman undergoing microdermabrasion treatment

Microdermabrasion - Sandblasting Your Skin

 Microdermabrasion, too well German “small abrasion of the skin” uses fine crystals to remove the uppermost skin cells. In simplified terms, this procedure can be compared to sandblasting, in which the finest microcrystals (mostly diamond particles) are blasted onto the skin with a handpiece and at the same time are suctioned off again using a vacuum. That sounds painful, but it isn’t. By radiating and simultaneously sucking off the skin, the surface of the skin is very effectively freed from dead skin cells, calluses and excess sebum.

An immediate effect is visibly smoother skin and smaller pores. In addition, there is cell renewal in the deeper skin layers and thus skin tightening as a long-term effect. As with other methods, With microdermabrasion, the skin is ideally prepared for subsequent active ingredients, which can penetrate much deeper into the skin through the mechanical treatment. Another positive side effect is that the lymph flow in the face is stimulated by the radiance.

Microneedling – with fine needles for smaller pores and a fine complexion Microneedling gives the face a rosy, fine-pored, smooth appearance. With the resulting micro-injury to the skin, acne scars and small wrinkles can be alleviated, pores reduced and the first signs of skin aging gently treated. There are different forms of microneedling, but they all have the same goal: regeneration and refinement of the skin. With microneedling, the skin is treated precisely and gently on the surface with ultra-fine needles without putting any strain on it. Cell growth is stimulated and resistance is strengthened. The skin renews itself from within, its structure appears more even and fresher. However, several treatments are necessary for a visible result. After 6 – 8 treatments at intervals of one week, a clearly visible result can be expected after cosmetic microneedling.

In the first few days after the treatment, temporary redness and non-visible but noticeable skin peeling may occur. Particularly sensitive patients can react to the treatment with small but harmless pustules.

Incidentally, there is also medical needling, i.e. medical microneedling. Since the needles are significantly longer here and the skin injuries are correspondingly deeper, this version of microneedling may only be carried out by doctors. In the Caarisma app
you will find dermatologists in your area who will advise you in detail.

Aesthetic Medicine — This is How Doctors Shrink Large Pores

RF needling uses two different forms of treatment. Microneedling and skin-tightening and collagen-forming radio frequency energy. In addition to refined pores, scars (e.g. acne scars) and the first signs of skin aging can also be treated very well. Combined with microneedling, it enhances the effects of radio frequency energy to treat enlarged pores or an uneven skin texture. You usually need 3-4 treatments at intervals of two weeks and you can expect a temporary reddening after each treatment, but this can be covered with a tinted, preferably mineral, sunscreen (SPF 50+).

Woman with perfect skin and skin care routine

Mesobotux Botulinum Toxin Type A for Fine Pores and Relaxed Skin

With Mesobotox, botulinum is applied superficially into the skin in a more diluted form than with conventional aesthetic applications. The Asians developed these processes because they naturally tend to have significantly larger pores than, for example, Europeans. The botulinum toxin is distributed superficially in the skin with the help of a microneedle and multiple injections and unfolds its effect in the micromusculature. This includes the tiny muscles in the superficial dermis, found at each hair canal, for example. This gives the entire face a relaxed, fresh expression, the complexion is refined and pores are reduced. The effect is natural and occurs about three days after the treatment. By having the botox in a more diluted form, repeating the treatment every three months is recommended.

Medium-deep chemical peeling – the peeling with depth

The medium-deep peeling uses different concentrations of trichloroacetic acid (TCA) – also in combination with other substances – and removes the entire epidermis with parts of the upper dermis. The effect is more profound than after a superficial peeling and the change is therefore much more noticeable. However, the skin takes longer to regenerate – the so-called downtime is therefore longer compared to a superficial fruit acid peeling. This not only corrects fine wrinkles and acne scars, but also shrinks pores and pigment spots become weaker or even invisible.

After a medium-deep peeling, the skin heals and regenerates within ten to fourteen days. Then the first rejuvenation effect becomes apparent: the skin is smoother and clearer.

After about five days when you are not socially acceptable, a light make-up can be applied. In addition, the skin needs a constant supply of moisture during this time through appropriate care creams. Depending on the concentration of the substance, a targeted peeling of the skin occurs from the third or fourth day after the medium-deep peeling. The underlying skin is fresh and very sensitive. To prevent bacterial infection, an oral antibiotic is often prescribed. And of course, as with all treatments that injure the skin: sunscreen with a higher sun protection factor (SPF 50+) is mandatory four weeks before and after the treatment.

Treatments for Large pores

Skin Booster — Hyauronic Acid Injection for the Perfect Glow and Fine Complexion

Skin booster treatments with hyaluron fillers are extremely popular. It doesn’t matter whether it’s young patients who want to do something preventive against skin aging and the loss of moisture in the skin, or older patients who want to do something for a beautiful, plump complexion in addition to deep filler injections – treatment with skin boosters is suitable suitable for all skin types and all ages. Depending on the treatment goal, small depots of active ingredients are injected deep into the skin. The hyaluronic acid in these so-called skin boosters is thinner than many other HA products so that it can be better distributed in the tissue. With the moisturizing and revitalizing effect, skin boosters can moisturize the skin better, Visibly refine pores and make the finish smoother and more radiant overall. Even small wrinkles and scars can be treated with it. Most patients require three treatments spaced four weeks apart for a particularly beautiful result.

Do you want to learn more about your skin type and how to get a perfect finish? The Caarisma app not only offers you a tailor-made analysis of your potential, but also shows you which treatment measures are suitable and where you can find an expert in your area.

Want to Learn More About Your Skin Health?

Do you want to learn more about your skin type and how to get a perfect finish? The Caarisma app not only offers you a tailor-made analysis of your potential, but also shows you which treatment measures are suitable and where you can find an expert in your area.


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