Where holistic cosmetic science meets unbiased, AI-based technology, Caarisma happens...

In collaboration with world leading cosmetic doctors and scientists, leveraging decades of cosmetic science, clinical best practice, and technological know-how, we designed a personalised, unbiased and first of its kind solution to help you look, and feel better every day. 

Who are the faces behind Caarisma?

Caarisma is pioneered by a partnership of industry experts who believe cosmetic healthcare should be unbiased, personalised and holistic. Working with an international advisory board of over 50 internationally recognised experts in dermatology, anatomy & aesthetic medicine, our experience spans many disciplines including cosmetic medicine, cosmeceuticals, psychology, computer science, mathematics and data science.

From our headquarters in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, our in-house medical science team is led by renowned experts Dr. Rainer Pooth and Dr. Henrik Luessen. Read more about the team behind Caarisma.

How is Caarisma independent?

While there are countless beautification apps out there, Caarisma is the world’s first total facial analysis tool committed to offering completely independent insights and treatment recommendations. Using artificial intelligence to objectively measure attractiveness and youthfulness, Caarisma is unaffiliated with any cosmetics partner, pharmaceutical company or other third party. This means we will always give you an impartial analysis and unbiased treatment recommendations based on your one-of-a-kind facial characteristics and unique cosmetic potential, and nothing else. 

An independent stance is at the heart of our mission to be your go-to-advisor on your journey to your highest aesthetic potential. We make all our efforts, including our scientific and algorithmic principles transparent, in the service of the holistic beauty we are dedicated to helping you achieve.

What is the scientific approach to facial aesthetic optimisation?

Caarisma is a science-backed, evidence-based, medically-sound formulation of what constitutes achievable aesthetic optimisation for each individual — based on each individual’s unique characteristics, constraints and potential. It is the first app worldwide that not only deals with the surface of the skin, but also uses a unique scientific algorithm to analyze the following features:

  1. Volume deficits: we analyze the overall degree of volume loss which happens when face fat, once evenly distributed around the eyes, cheeks, forehead, and mouth starts to relocate and diminish
  2. Skin health: we determine how aging is affecting changes to the pigmentation, texture and structure of the skin
  3. Wrinkles: we examine the severity of static and dynamic facial wrinkles including frown lines, nasolabial folds, marionette lines and crows feet
  4. Asymmetries: we measure objective facial symmetry in correlation with attractiveness indices 
Woman with science based aesthetic facial analysis map diagram

Thus, our clinically-validated patent pending algorithm not only gives you a total facial impression based on multiple unique landmarks, but also gives specific treatment recommendations for aesthetic medical measures in order to achieve your uniquely calculated potential for attractiveness.

Qualified across age, gender, and facial type, our technology is based on a broad, up-to-date photo reference database of the various ethnologies, which means our results are an inclusive and accurate reflection of today’s diverse population.

We collaborate with prestigious medical centres and leading experts in the field of dermatology, anatomy & aesthetic medicine to validate the safety and efficacy of our technology by clinically evaluating our performance. Studies are underway with researchers from across Germany and the US, to determine the latest accuracy.

Our patent pending science was developed in alignment with the three pillars of holistic health —physical, mental and social, as defined by WHO, and in accordance with the principle of empowering women to realise their full beauty potential in a safe and healthy manner. 

What is Caarisma’s mission?

Caarisma is on a mission to provide unbiased facial analysis and personalised cosmetic coaching to our audience of confident, curious and proactive women.

We see aesthetic health in holistic terms – as part of the physical, mental and social well being of the individual. This is why we are as committed to providing unbiased, independent analysis as we are to recommending safe, health-giving treatment.

Is Caarisma right for me?

Caarisma strives for inclusivity and is right for you if:

What are the selection criteria for Caarisma doctors?

Only doctors who meet our rigorous selection criteria qualify for a Caarisma expert listing. Our handpicked doctors are licensed, trained, experienced, and accredited cosmetic doctors, surgeons and specialists in aesthetic science and procedures.

While our doctors cover an array of experience, expertise and background, they all possess a minimum of five years and 1,000 hours of professional experience.

Only a small percentage of the doctors who apply for a Caarisma listing are accepted to the platform. While we will always show the full up-to-date licensing information enabling you to do your own due diligence, you can rest assured we’ve done the research so you don’t have to. 

Try Caarisma for free

You can try Caarisma for free today and learn all about your unique skin structure and how best to care for it. When you’re ready for the first gentle attempts in aesthetic medicine (lips, peeling, PRP, etc.) we’ll guide you to your first treatments. 

The benefits


Study after study shows how attractiveness and youthfulness can positively impact mental, physical and social health. Whether it’s by boosting confidence, improving sociability, increasing earning power or perceived healthfulness, the evidence is in: beauty matters.

Caarisma can make people feel healthier

According to  Dr. Tami Meraglia (@askdrtami), double board-certified M.D., who specializes in aesthetic and natural medicine, good looks are a sign of healthy genes. Why? Dr Meraglia says there are multiple reasons: “One is that attractive people are treated better by society, and this results in less stress, less inflammation, and you know inflammation is the source of many of our diseases and things that negatively impact our health.” So while the actual correlation between attractiveness and health might be weak, the perceived correlation — and all the resulting psychological and social advantages it brings, are strong.

A woman with healthy glowing skin
A woman with a confident smile and healthy skin

Caarisma improves confidence

People who are perceived as beautiful are typically treated better by others. In a study from Harvard University, researchers found that cosmetic enhancements, as simple as wearing make up, boosted people’s perceptions of that subject’s competence, likability, attractiveness, and trustworthiness.

Caarisma can enhance sociability

Studies show people who feel more attractive have higher-rated social skills than people who feel less attractive. “Physical attractiveness raises social and communication skills, which in return raise an employer’s estimate of the worker’s productivity,” researchers Mobius and Rosenblat write. 

Research further shows that raising social skills is a better predictor of lifetime earnings than raising intellectual ability.

A diverse group of women with healthy skin
A confident smiling woman without makeup

Caarisma can make people happier

Economists at the University of Texas-Austin, led by Daniel Hamermesh found that people perceived as more attractive tend to make more money and consequently to generally feel happier

“Personal beauty raises happiness,” says Hamermesh. “The majority of beauty’s effect on happiness works through its impact on economic outcomes.”

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