Aesthetic medicine has a new face

Caarisma MED, your AI-powered Digital Aesthetic Assistant, is set to redefine aesthetic treatment delivery with precise facial analysis and personalized care recommendations


Revolutionizing Facial Aesthetics with Caarisma MED


AI-Powered Analysis

Caarisma MED delivers real-time facial assessments with AI precision.


Personalised Aesthetics

Tailor treatments using our Facial Aesthetic Index (FAI) and Facial Youthfulness Index (FYI).


Quicker, Smarter Consults

Streamline patient care with faster, smarter AI-assisted assessments.

Innovative facial landmark analysis

Caarisma MED introduces the first-of-its-kind technology to comprehensively analyze every facial landmark. This groundbreaking approach ensures holistic and accurate assessments for personalized aesthetic treatment planning.

Woman with science based aesthetic facial analysis map diagram

FAI: Beauty Quantified

The Facial Aesthetic Index transcends subjective judgments with a machine learning-driven rating, quantifying facial attractiveness with remarkable precision. By analyzing features ranging from facial symmetry to skin tone, Caarisma MED equips practitioners with data-rich insights to propose treatments that align with each individual’s unique aesthetic goals.

FYI: Youthfulness Measured

The Facial Youthfulness Index is Caarisma MED’s pioneering metric that objectively evaluates signs of aging, such as skin texture and wrinkle depth. This index is integral for creating personalized treatment plans that not only aim to rejuvenate the skin but also maintain its natural youthfulness over time.

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Poised for transformation

Anticipated by industry professionals, eagerly awaited by healthcare experts and patients alike, Caarisma MED is the future benchmark in aesthetic analysis. Our platform is engineered to grow alongside your practice, offering unmatched precision and innovation in patient care.

For over 25 years the team behind Caarisma has been pushing advances in the field of cosmetic medicine. We’ve earned the trust of many leaders in aesthetics, and now we’re hoping to earn yours.

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