9 Reasons Why Caarisma Is The ONLY Beauty App You *Need*

9 Reasons Why Caarisma Is The ONLY Beauty App You *Need*

We have been working long and hard, with experts in dermatology, cosmetics and aesthetics from around the world, and we admit we are a little biased, but among the emergence of beauty treatment apps, Caarisma- the world’s first total facial scan and AI-powered beauty app, really, really stands out.

Here’s our top reasons why:

The journey to aesthetic health and the journey to self-confidence covers the same ground

Caarisma’s beauty app is designed to make it easy to experiment with new routines, try new treatments, and adapt your at-home beauty routine based on science.

We provide a safe and secure space for you to learn all about your aesthetic profile and the uniqueness of your facial profile — form volume deficit, skin health, wrinkles and asymmetries against standard attractiveness indices and get treatment recommendations and daily coaching to develop your perfect beauty regime. Above all, more than any aesthetic outcome, our goal is to help you feel your most confident self.

Our patent pending science was developed in alignment with the three pillars of holistic health —physical, mental and social, as defined by WHO, and in accordance with the principle of empowering women to realize their full beauty potential in a safe and healthy manner. At Caarisma we understand the importance of continuous and adequate maintenance of aesthetic health.. The journey to aesthetic health like the journey to self confidence never ends.

Caarisma understands what your skin needs

Our unique algorithm learns the specificities of your skin. We use AI to make an analysis of the characteristics and conditions of your skin to create a care plan that matches what your skin lacks or needs.

From around the age of 25 our skin begins to age. Depending on the genetic predisposition, wrinkles and fine lines form, as well as a loss of elasticity and resilience. However, you can influence how quickly you visibly age. With care and the right routines, you can significantly and quickly counteract the first signs of aging. The Caarisma app can help not only with the first signs of aging, but also with prevention. We can help you understand when to go for some microdermabrasion, non-medical microneedling and fruit acid peelings or when you just need to drink more water and improve your diet.

Our beauty app gives you a personalized skincare regimen

Skin Matters. At every age. Our Skincare Routine offers you bespoke skincare suggestions. We can’t promise you’ll never have a bad skin day again but we can promise to help you understand your skin and find the optimal daily skincare routine.

Caarisma makes it easy to optimize your skincare regime, including morning and evening skin care routines, keep a custom skin care diary and learn the secrets to perfect makeup relative to your skin type.

We won't sell you beauty products or artificial beauty standards

Our app is science based and transparent. We will never give you a biased or exaggerated analysis, just to sell some beauty products or cosmetic treatments.

We believe real beauty care transcends beauty trends. We refuse artificial beauty standards. Caarisma represents a beauty ideal based on your unique facial profile. You will always get an unbiased analysis of your facial features and unique aesthetic potential. That is our promise.

Caarisma is setting new standards in aesthetic medicine - and you get the benefit

Caarisma is a first of its kind AI-powered, aesthetic app. It is a pioneer in the field of aesthetic image processing technologies. The Caarisma Face Scan uses the uniquely developed Facial Aesthetic Index (FAI) and the Facial Youthfulness Index (FYI) measurements which are setting new standards in aesthetic medicine. When you complete your free Caarisma face scan, results are determined by calculating your individual score against the population average in our wide-ranging database of images. 

Facial Aesthetic Index (FAI): The FAI uses machine learning to ​​rate the analyzed face in terms of current overall attractiveness and to forecast which facial features have the greatest potential for improvement. The analysis includes skin texture, skin tone, proportions, symmetry of individual facial features, volume, lips and wrinkles with different weightings.

Facial Youthfulness Index (FYI): The FYI offers an objective and mathematically valid evaluation of the user’s face in terms of apparent youthfulness. Here, too, current status is displayed alongside existing potential. The analysis includes skin texture, skin tone, wrinkles, proportions, volume, lip size and symmetry of individual facial features with different weightings.

Caarisma helps turn your beauty routine into a habit

Among all the competing beauty apps and beauty treatment content out there it can be hard to know where to start or who to trust. With this in mind, Caarisma works with qualified beauty experts and offers science-backed advice and recommendations to provide you with a personalized beauty routine you can trust. Whether you want to book in-clinic treatments with top rated doctors or treat yourself at home, we’ll help you develop a routine that works. To support your beauty routine, Caarisma offers:

  • Scientific, unbiased, beauty and cosmetic tips personalized to you
  • Personalized makeup and skin care recommendations
  • Real time advice from experienced beauty professionals

Caarisma is your everyday beauty coach

Good skin health, a flawless complexion, a perfect skin tone. We know your beauty goals. Meeting them takes consistency. It takes support when you need it.

Our daily beauty check lets you track the effects of treatments, beauty services and products, allowing you to keep track of changes overtime with a timeline of your own photos.

We know that simply having a personalized routine isn’t enough. Consistency takes coaching. The Caarisma daily beauty check lets you see how well you are doing: is the new product working, is that makeup right for your skin, how effective is the new cleanser. We help you track your progress and we motivate you to keep going.

Caarisma can match you with the best aesthetic doctors near you

Whether you are looking to book cosmetic treatments, skin care procedures or just set up your first consultation, we’ll help you book with doctors and beauty therapists specialized in your specific beauty needs. 
Our partner aesthetic doctors are licensed, trained, experienced, and accredited cosmetic doctors, surgeons and specialists in aesthetic science and procedures.

Simply book your beauty appointment on the app and let our concierge beauty service work for you.

We're building a fabulous community

Meet us on our social platforms, and signup to be among the first to join our home academy, where we’re building a community around all things aesthetic.

Whether you’re trying out new treatments or developing your new beauty regime, the Caarisma community is designed to educate and empower.

From self-care tips to professional secrets, we’ll be sharing everything you need to know to look better, and younger — for longer!

Connect with fellow travellers and top beauty experts alike- and share your aesthetic journey with confidence.

Ready to meet your new digital beauty bestie ? Get the Caarisma Virtual beauty app for free today!


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