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Develop your full beauty potential with Caarisma

What Can Caarisma Do for You?

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Calculate your personal beauty quotient in under 30 seconds!

Caarisma’s breakthrough algorithm needs just 4 selfies representing 4 different facial expressions to create your individual, unbiased and science-based facial analysis. 

Daily Beauty Check - your beauty coach for every day

Check how well you have done your make-up or whether your new care has already had a positive effect. The daily beauty coach tracks your aesthetic journey and offers valuable skin care beauty tips tailored for you. 

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Map your individual aesthetic potential and beauty needs

From the texture of your skin to the faintest wrinkle on your face – Caarisma’s unique algorithm* analyses every facial feature giving you an astonishingly accurate guide to your aesthetic strengths and weaknesses.

*Scientifically data-based analysis system

A skincare, makeup & beauty plan as individual as you are

Caarisma is designed with every woman (and no one artificial woman) in mind. Considering your first aesthetic treatment but don’t know where to start? Caarisma is for you. A beauty influencer looking for the best doctor for your needs? Caarisma is for you, too! Caarisma’s expert recommendations and aesthetic advice are exclusively based on you and your unique facial character.

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Find aesthetic doctors you know you can trust

Caarisma brings you an exclusive directory of qualified doctors and experts and offers priority access based on your beauty goals and preferences.

Built by experts, backed by science.

Developed by over 50 international experts

Caarisma is the culmination of many years of medical experience combined with a focus on dermatology, anatomy and aesthetic medicine.

State-of-the-art technology meets cosmetic science

A breakthrough algorithm based on the scientific analysis of your unique facial features in order to give individual & objective treatment recommendations.

Personalised cosmetic care that champions healthy beauty standards

Caarisma explains various facial features and treatments in a positive, unbiased and independent way.

Folks love Caarisma!

Don’t just take our word for it— hear it from patients, beauty influencers and doctors.

"With Caarisma I now know how I can best counteract the wrinkles that appear - in a natural way, but also through minor interventions."
Jessi K. (34)
“I had no idea which of the many treatments would be suitable for me. But Caarisma helped me to find the best option for me and to contact a suitable doctor. "
Ingrid L. (51)
“Totally great! With the analysis, I was able to find out more about my face without having to go to the doctor right away. In addition, interesting content and great design within the app.
Tina O. (28)
Medical student

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